Blue Heaven Flutterby Petite™
Butterfly Bush
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Zone: 5
Can handle temperatures down to -29 Celsius or -20 Fahrenheit

Shape: Rounded

Mature Size:
3-4’ tall and 3-4’ wide

Blue panicles look spectacular in the summer and early fall

Blue Heaven Flutterby Petite™

Butterfly Bush

Imagine there’s a Blue Heaven, it’s easy if you try. The plant is so beautiful and easy to grow, it may seem a bit like heaven in your backyard. The cone shaped blooms are spectacular, and the compact form stays so consistent everyone will think you’re a master gardener when they see it. Blue Heaven is part of the family of plants called Butterfly Bush, which fits very nicely, since the blooms attract butterflies to complete the perfect backyard atmosphere. The flowers don’t produce any seeds, which means it won’t pop in other parts of your yard where you don’t want it! This beautifully easy plant loves full sun, so find that sunny spot and plant, water, relax.

Uses: Plant as a border or a feature plant, or in colder climates as a patio accent for the summer and fall.

Planting Instructions:

Planting your Blue Heaven Flutterby is easy.

  1. Dig a hole twice the width of the pot, and deep enough so that when you place the plant in the hole, the top of the root ball is level with the ground around the hole.
  2. Fill in the space around the plant with a planting soil mix (you can buy this where you buy the plant), press the area down with your foot, and then give it a good watering to help the plant settle in.
  3. Relax

Get the most out of your beautiful plant.

If you do the bare minimum of making sure your plant gets some water when it’s hot out in the summer, it will do fine and perform well for you. But to see what its fuller potential can be, here are a few other tips:

1. Mulch

An easy way to keep weeds down around your plant, and to keep it moist with less watering is to throw a 2 inch layer of mulch around the base of the plant – basic bagged “landscape mulch” from your local garden centre will do the trick.

2. Fertilize

Your Blue Heaven won’t need a lot of fertilizer, but it will benefit from a shot of good all purpose fertilizer in the spring when the leaves start to sprout. A fertilizer with a higher middle number (e.g. 15-30-15 or 5-10-5) will work best.

3. Trim

The best time to do a little trimming on your Blue Heaven Flutterby Petite is in the spring just when you see a few shoots of new growth appearing. You can trim it back to a size you like without having to worry about affecting its ability to flower — it will produce big blue cone-shaped flowers with or without a trimming.

4. Relax

Regardless of your gardening knowledge, you can relax. Use the sign up form on the left sidebar to receive regular updates on basic care for your Blue Heaven Flutterby Petite™. We’ll send you a friendly, seasonal reminder when it’s time to mulch, fertilize or prune your plant. It’s bloomin’ easy.