Plant, Water, Relax.

Three words summarize the Bloomin’ Easy philosophy – plant, water, and relax.

Here’s why:

The Assumption

The majority of people today believe gardening is too difficult, time-consuming and beyond their expertise. Years ago, working hard to maintain a complex landscape and learning the ins and outs of plant culture was more common. Today, even the word gardening makes many people imagine something only grandparents cherish.

The Truth

Almost anyone can have a beautiful outdoor space that adds value and offers a relaxing retreat, regardless of previous experience. It really can be as easy as plant, water, relax. There are hundreds of improved plants that have reached the market in recent years, and many make truly magnificent choices for your outdoor space. Plant breeders work their entire lives to achieve only a few selections that are worthy of becoming a member of a brand’s precious collection.

The plants we select for Bloomin’ Easy are uniquely attractive, more resilient, flower longer and require less maintenance beyond watering. Usually the care we recommend is optional for best results, but not necessary for success.

The Message

Our message is this: Once you experience just how bloomin’ easy our plants are, you’ll see that you can have a beautiful outdoor space without giving up anything to have it. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to.

With carefully chosen plant selections and easy to follow resources, you already have one foot in the door with Bloomin’ Easy. Gardening can be exactly what you want it to be. Or better yet, don’t call it gardening. We encourage you to try the plant, water, and relax experience this season.