Cherry On Top™ Sorbaria

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With the improved Cherry On Top™ Sorbaria, experience this plant’s classic foliage beauty, with the added benefit of the perfect topping to complete your enjoyment. After the white plume flowers finish, savor clusters of bright, fresh-looking red seed pods instead of the traditional dried brown seeds. This extends the seasons of beauty you can enjoy through summer and fall.

  • Zones 3-10, can handle temperatures down to -46 Celsius or -50 Fahrenheit
  • Full to part sun; 4-6 hours of sun
  • 4-5ft tall and 4-5ft wide; mounding shape 1.2-1.5m x 1.2-1.5m
  • White plumes in summer, followed by red seed pods in fall that persist through winter. Great food for birds!
  • Plants shipped from November thru March will arrive dormant (may not have foliage). Plants shipped April thru October will arrive green or in bloom.


Botanical name: Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Bococot’ USPP33639, CPBRAF