Panther™ Ninebark

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With sleek black foliage and stems, Panther® Ninebark is the ultimate contrast option for your outdoor space. Plant it next to brightly colored selections for a design that commands fierce stares from guests to your garden or patio. Its resilience and compact size make it a unique, easy to grow choice for modern landscapes.

  • Zones 3-7, can handle temperatures down to -40 Celsius or -40 Fahrenheit
  • Full sun, or 6+ hours of sun per day – the dark leaves love the sun!
  • 4-5ft tall and 3-4ft wide; upright 1.2-1.5m x 0.9-1.2m
  • Sleek dark foliage is the star of this plant, but sparse pink button-like blooms may appear in summer
  • Plants shipped from November thru March will arrive dormant (may not have foliage). Plants shipped April thru October will arrive green or in bloom.


Physocarpus opulifolius 'N5' USPP30820, CPBRAF