‘Tis the season of flannel, football, and pumpkin spiced lattes. I find the behavioral changes of our kind both amusing and incredibly fantastic as we enjoy the outdoors, get back to regular family routines, and find numerous ways to be cozy and comfortable in this beautiful season we call fall.

It’s also a season where we’re happy to relax after busy summers. The cooler temperatures help keep energy high while working on the yard. But even still, most of us prefer to get back inside for a warm drink and a comfy couch.

To help keep more of your time spent doing what you love, here are some easy tips for the fall season that will keep your outdoors looking its best season to season.

Water (the finger test!)

Our motto at Bloomin’ Easy is Plant, Water, Relax. Step #2 is very important even now. You won’t have to water as much now that the days are cooler, but regular watering until the ground freezes (which varies a lot depending on your region) is essential to plant health. A good rule of thumb is weekly watering, but the easy way to tell if your plants need water is the finger test. Stick your finger into the soil at the base of the plant to the knuckle. If it feels dry then it’s time to water. If the plants and soil are visibly thirsty, then consider increasing the watering frequency.


A 2 inch layer of mulch around the base of your plants is recommended. The best time to add mulch is at the beginning of spring, but fall is great as well. We recommend a natural mulch such as bark that will decompose over time and add organic nutrients that your plants love. Mulch reduces watering by keeping moisture in the soil, reducing weeding, and helping insulate roots over winter.

You can also use fallen leaves this season as mulch. Keep in mind that mulch should never pile against the stems. Leave a small amount of space around the stem.

Mow Over Rake

Rather than spending hours raking your leaves into piles and hauling them off to the landfill, fire up the lawn mower to chop up the fallen leaves into mulch for your yard. It may take more than one pass, but the small pieces will decompose into food for your lawn next season.

Popular gardening blog, Savvy Gardening has twelve ways for using your leaves in fall.

It’s surprising how a bit of fall care will become an investment in your outdoor space for the following season. If you’ve planted Bloomin’ Easy varieties and want tailored care reminders automatically emailed to you, sign up on your plant’s page at bloomineasyplants.com.

At Bloomin’ Easy, we’re about having a beautiful yard, with lots of time left over to relax and enjoy it. We wish you and yours well this autumn.

Relax, you’ve got this!

Bloomin’ Easy