Crimson Kisses® Weigela

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This rebloomer will make you feel loved all summer long, as you enjoy extended flowering time. Low to no maintenance required for this beautiful landscape or patio star. Pro tip: to maximize bloom, trim lightly just after the first blooms have finished.

  • Zones 4-7, can handle temperatures down to -34 Celsius or -30 Fahrenheit
  • Full sun, or 4-6 hours of sun per day
  • 3-4ft tall and 3-4ft wide; mounding 90-120cm x 90-120cm
  • Red, bell-shaped, and fragrant (and fully loaded with blooms!)
  • Plants shipped from November thru March will arrive dormant (may not have foliage). Plants shipped April thru October will arrive green or in bloom.

Botanical name: Weigela x 'Slingco 1' USPP23654, CPBR5266