Nightglow® Bush Honeysuckle

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Just like the remarkable hour of twilight when fireflies light up the sky, intensely yellow flowers glow bright against the dusky red foliage of Nightglow® Diervilla, or Bush Honeysuckle.

  • Zones 3-8, can handle temperatures down to -40 Celsius or -40 Fahrenheit
  • Full sun, or 6+ hours of sun per day
  • 2-3ft tall and 2-3ft wide; upright and mounding 60-90cm x 60-90cm
  • Vibrant yellow clusters in late spring. Trim spent flowers to encourage rebloom.
  • Plants shipped from November thru March will arrive dormant (may not have foliage). Plants shipped April thru October will arrive green or in bloom.

Diervilla splendens 'El Madrigal' USPP28060, CPBR5626

Please note: Nightglow®, like all bush honeysuckles, spreads underground via “shoots” or “suckers”, which requires extra maintenance. Maintain by pruning or pulling out shoots as they appear.  This trait makes it very hardy, adaptable and perfect for preventing erosion in slopes and banks. For the full Plant, Water, Relax experience, plant in a patio pot above ground to prevent spreading.