Worry Free Plant Support

Worry Free Plant Support

We know what it’s like to browse the garden center, finding just the right plants that speak to you, only to have everything go sideways after settling in at home.

That’s why our team works hard to make gardening Bloomin’ Easy for you. No one should have to spend hours researching or study plant science just to have a great looking yard!

Accomplishments in plant breeding have created naturally amazing plants that are stunning for much of the season AND require very little care to look their best.

If you purchase Bloomin’ Easy plants, you already get a premium, improved, naturally easy to grow plant to spruce up your outdoor space with. With a bit of care 2-3 times each year, their happiness will maximize, delivering you exactly what you dreamed of.

Here’s how Bloomin’ Easy Care Reminders Work:

Step #1: Text the code on the front of your plant’s tag to 33733

Step #2: Reply with your email address to sign up

Step #3: Relax! We’ll let you know when and how to care for your plant

In our care reminder emails, we’ll show you how to prune, fertilize, and add mulch to your Bloomin’ Easy plant. It’s actually very easy to help them reach their full potential and your outdoor space will give you exactly what you’re looking for — a beautiful space filled with plants where you can relax and enjoy it with the ones you love.

Look for our collection in your local garden center or favourite online retailer this season. Don’t wait to make your outdoor dreams a reality. And remember, we’ve got your back when you decide to give it a go.

Follow us @bloomineasy on Instagram and Facebook. I’m here to answer questions or give a virtual high five when you’re feeling proud.

Bloomin’ Easy® Plants

Nightglow takes Gold at Plantarium 2017

Nightglow takes Gold at Plantarium 2017

Summer 2017 has been good to our collection, with another award given to our exclusive new varieties. This time, Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla took a coveted Gold Medal at Plantarium, a plant innovations expo held annually in Boskoop, Netherlands.

We’re very proud of this award. The judging at this prestigious event is extremely competitive. The new variety submitted must possess clear improvements and unique qualities – Nightglow certainly meets this criteria.

Our only other variety to take a Plantarium Gold is Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea, and last year Tuxedo™ Weigela was awarded Silver. Our selection process for Bloomin’ Easy varieties is quite strict, and the awards highlight our strive to bring only truly unique and improved plants into the line.

What makes Nightglow™ so special?

  • Rich red foliage from first flush to frost in full sun
  • Vibrant yellow flowers clusters contrast sharply
  • Compact at 2-3′ tall and wide; fountain form
  • Zone 4 (-34°C/ -30°F) cold hardy

Nightglow has everything we desire in a plant; it’s strikingly beautiful, compact to fit almost any space, and resilient so it doesn’t require lots of maintenance to thrive. We’re confident you’ll love this new Diervilla as much as we do. It’s as easy as finding a sunny spot in your yard, then plant, water, and relax.

Relax, you’ve got this!



Lavalamp Hydrangea Series Awarded Retailer’s Choice at Cultivate ‘17

Lavalamp Hydrangea Series Awarded Retailer’s Choice at Cultivate ‘17

New plant competition is at the core of one of the largest green industry shows in North America each July. Cultivate ‘17 was busy as ever and full of amazing new variety releases from the top brands and programs each vying for attention from industry eyes.

Among dozens of new varieties displayed in the showcase at Cultivate this year, sixteen Retailer’s Choice Awards were handed out to those that made the grade. We’re honored and proud that our Lavalamp™ Series of Hydrangeas were some of the chosen few.

Three unique, new and improved Hydrangea paniculatas comprise the Lavalamp™ Series. Candelabra™, Flare™, and Moonrock™ offer unique colors as well as tidy, compact forms to better suit modern outdoor spaces.

Lavalamp™ Candelabra™

  • Candle-like flowers and form
  • 4-6’ tall and wide; very upright
  • Fragrant!

Lavalamp™ Flare™

  • Brightest red on a dwarf paniculata that we’ve seen
  • 2-3’ tall and wide; upright

Lavalamp™ Moonrock™

  • Massive, funky blooms with strong lime-green center
  • 4-6’ tall and wide; upright
  • Winner of People’s Choice Award at Farwest 2016

We look forward to featuring our collection in future showcases and award opportunities. The upcoming Farwest show in Portland is the next venue for judging, where our Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla and Date Night™ Strobe™ Weigela are contenders. Stay tuned, and if you’re going to be at the show, we invite you to stop by booth 8046 to say hi and see the collection in bloom.

Relax, you’ve got this!

Marketing Manager, Bloomin’ Easy

Spring Care Tips

Spring Care Tips


Spring is here!

Well, in reality spring either started weeks ago, or will start weeks from now depending on where you live and this year’s weather patterns.

If freezing temperatures are likely gone for good where you live, it’s time to give your plants a little love and care. A good rule of thumb is to know the average last frost date for your area and hold off trimming and planting until after that date. However, it’s simply an average and recommendation. Some homeowners are happy to take the risk and others can’t bear the pain of losing early investment in their landscapes.

Here are a few easy steps to keep your Bloomin’ Easy plants healthy and growing into the beautiful outdoor accents they can be. Repeat each spring for years of value and enjoyment.

Step 1: Mulch

We recommend picking up natural landscape mulch from your local garden center. Adding mulch will make you happy in three ways:

  • Efficient watering: Mulch makes watering more efficient by retaining moisture in the soil. Conserving water makes everyone happy, especially your water bill!
  • Prevents weeds: Spend less time pulling weeds and more time relaxing.
  • Creates a clean look: Mulch makes your landscape beautiful, creating a clean, consistent look that’s weed free and even colored if you choose to buy naturally colored mulch.
  • Cover the soil with a 2 inch layer, leaving room around the base of the stems (mulch should never rest against the stems). The mulch breaks down over time, releasing nutrients to your plants. Reapply as needed.

Step 2: Fertilize

Plants need food just like we do. Feed your Bloomin’ Easy plants when they begin to sprout leaves in spring.

We recommend an organic, all-purpose choice such as Nature’s Source plant food. The easy hose attachment allows you to feed during watering and it’s safe for leaves, too.

Other options include slow-release granular fertilizers. These can be convenient but can contain inorganic compounds like plastic. Make sure to follow instructions for the fertilizer you choose.

Applying quality fertilizer this spring will help your plants look their best this season.

Step 3: Prune

Pruning is the removal of old stems or dead flowers to keep your plants fresh and healthy. It also keeps them in their natural form and to a size that’s right for your outdoor space.

Only plants that grow to a manageable size and offer lower maintenance are selected for our collection. However, nearly all plants will benefit from proper pruning. Pruning is easier than it sounds, and we’ll make it even easier by giving you specific tips for your plant type.

Hydrangea macrophylla

  • Tilt-A-Swirl™

In the first three years after planting, they only require “dead heading” (removal of old flower heads) after the threat of frost is over. Cut just above the next good bud on the stem. Make sure not to cut off the fresh looking green buds because those will become the flowers this season.

To rejuvenate after year three, cut out a third of the branches (the thickest ones) down to the ground using sharp pruners or loppers. Repeat each spring after for a fresh, healthy and natural looking shrub.

Hydrangea paniculata

  • Lavalamp™ Candelabra™
  • Lavalamp™ Flare™
  • Lavalamp™ Moonrock™

Each spring when the new leaves start to grow (and the threat of frost is gone) cut the entire shrub down to 12 inches above the ground. This species of Hydrangea blooms on new wood (this year’s growth) so you’ll get flowers from late summer to fall even with trimming in early spring.

To rejuvenate after year three, cut out a third of the branches (the thickest ones) down to the ground using sharp pruners or loppers. Repeat each spring after for a fresh, healthy and natural looking shrub.


  • Date Night™ Crimson Kisses®
  • Date Night™ Maroon Swoon™
  • Date Night™ Strobe™
  • Date Night™ Tuxedo™

Each spring when the new leaves start to grow (and the threat of frost is gone), trim off the seed pods found at the ends and along of each branch. This will speed up flowering in spring, however it isn’t required to have blooms each season.

To rejuvenate after year three, cut out a third of the branches (the thickest ones) down to the ground using sharp pruners or loppers. Repeat each spring after for a fresh, healthy and natural looking shrub. You may also trim the Weigela down to the size you want a very compact shrub for the space you have selected.


  • Peach Lemonade™

Roses require unique pruning. First, cut out all old branches and keep four that are relatively straight, outward leaning and green. Prune these four to 7-12 inches tall, just above an outward facing bud. Prune in spring when the buds start to grow (avoid thorn pricks by wearing gloves).

Peach Lemonade is a self-cleaning rose, meaning that it will drop dead buds (deadhead) on its own. You can enjoy lots of blooms all season without any work at all. However, trimming spent flower heads will speed up the process.

The Rest of the Collection

  • Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla
  • Bella Bellissima™ Potentilla
  • Bella Sol™ Potentilla
  • Poprocks™ Rainbow Fizz™ Spirea

Prune these down to 6-12 inches above the ground when the leaves start to grow (and the threat of frost is gone). Repeat each spring for beautiful flowers and foliage.

Check out our how-to videos to see our care tips in action.

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Relax, you’ve got this!
Team Bloomin’ Easy

Plant, Water, Relax.

Plant, Water, Relax.

Three words summarize the Bloomin’ Easy philosophy – plant, water, and relax.

Here’s why:

The Assumption

The majority of people today believe gardening is too difficult, time-consuming and beyond their expertise. Years ago, working hard to maintain a complex landscape and learning the ins and outs of plant culture was more common. Today, even the word gardening makes many people imagine something only grandparents cherish.

The Truth

Almost anyone can have a beautiful outdoor space that adds value and offers a relaxing retreat, regardless of previous experience. It really can be as easy as plant, water, relax. There are hundreds of improved plants that have reached the market in recent years, and many make truly magnificent choices for your outdoor space. Plant breeders work their entire lives to achieve only a few selections that are worthy of becoming a member of a brand’s precious collection.

The plants we select for Bloomin’ Easy are uniquely attractive, more resilient, flower longer and require less maintenance beyond watering. Usually the care we recommend is optional for best results, but not necessary for success.

The Message

Our message is this: Once you experience just how bloomin’ easy our plants are, you’ll see that you can have a beautiful outdoor space without giving up anything to have it. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to.

With carefully chosen plant selections and easy to follow resources, you already have one foot in the door with Bloomin’ Easy. Gardening can be exactly what you want it to be. Or better yet, don’t call it gardening. We encourage you to try the plant, water, and relax experience this season.