Plant, Water, Relax

Why Bloomin’ Easy?

Bloomin’ Easy is a response to younger homeowners who appreciate the value of a beautifully landscaped yard, but think tackling such a project is too difficult, time consuming and beyond their expertise.

We select plants that offer exceptional beauty and color—plants that are more resilient and lower maintenance, and which enable success for your outdoor space.

Our unique after-purchase support provides how-to videos and tailored care reminders, designed to help you have the beautiful yard you want AND the time to keep doing all the other things you love. It’s as easy as Plant, Water, Relax.

Bloomin’ Easy Selections

New for the sake of being new is not enough for Bloomin’ Easy plants. We work with the world’s top plant breeders to find the right selections that not only offer unique beauty, but attributes that make success easier for time-strapped homeowners.

We spend years selecting, testing and evaluating plants before they meet the cut for our premium collection.

We aim to add a few carefully selected varieties each year, allowing us ample time for trials before going to market. This ensures we keep our promise of Plant, Water, Relax.

Jargon-Free Video Tutorials

Now it’s time to relax.

Join the conversation

We love plants, and we love finding others who also love plants. Come join the fun online!

Our plants will never get tired of having their picture taken.

Use #bloomineasy when posting so we can send virtual high-fives or answer your questions. Growing plants provides continuous learning and rewards as we grow in our experience with them. Go ahead and give it a try – we believe in you!

If you’re not into social media, no worries. Find a comfy spot in your outdoor space with a nice glass of whatever cheers you, and enjoy the best part of the Bloomin’ Easy process: Relax.

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